Intelligent Healthcare

Greystone Digital Health provides technology assessment in the areas of healthcare informatics convergence and adaptive healthcare products. Our services are designed to assist market sector participants in evaluating the evolving products and technologies, and understanding the intellectual property landscape.

Artificial Intelligence and Medical Imaging

Our practice extends to information and network security and the impact of next generation solutions that include Blockchain and Distributed Ledger. These technologies are attractive to pharma and healthcare professionals for a number of highly visible use cases. Concepts such as the Chain of Custody that provides transparency into drug supply chains, making counterfeiting more difficult, and simplifying drug recalls by supporting traceability down to the API and inert ingredients.

We’re also following the industry players working with AI to economically and accurately allow data to flow between EHRs and EMRs. While still in the early stages, the adoption of adaptive devices to assist caregivers is accelerating, even while regulators struggle to re-engineer standards and approval protocols.